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Yeast Free Naan Bread Recipe or Naan Recipe Without Yeast

How to cook Naan Bread without Yeast or Recipe of Yeast Free Naan.

What is Yeast Free or Naan Bread without Yeast?

Making Naan without Yeast
Yeast Free Naan Bread Recipe or Naan without Yeast

We can't imagine Naan Bread Recipe without Yeast, but now this is possible with Chef Nikunj Vasoya's very unique invention.In this recipe of Indian Naan Bread you don't need to add Eggs or Yeast even though it is fluffy and very good in taste. In Yeast Free Naan Bread Recipe you have to add few simple ingredients and Maida or Plain Flour and it gives us as same flavor and fluffiness as we get in the recipe of Naan Bread with Egg and Yest.This is a very easy recipe of Indian vegetarian Naan Bread and all the ingredients are available in any Indian Kitchen or other Kitchen of the world very easily.This recipe is very healthy and delicious in taste.You can cook this pure vegan recipe for Lunch, Dinner or any special occasion.This is a new recipe which is recently added to the Internet and available only on Foodon TV.

Recipe of Yogurt Curry. 
Prep Time: 5 minutes.
Cooking Time: 20 minutes.
Waiting Period: At least 1 hr and 30 minutes (Recommended by Chef 5 to 6 hrs)
Cooking Level: Easy.
Serving: 4 to 5.

Ingredients/Spices or Seasonings.

  1. 500 Grams Maida or All Purpose Flour or Plain Flour.
  2. 450 ml Milk or Doodh.
  3. 2  Lemons or (Do Nimbu/ Be Limbu).  
  4. 2 tsp Soda Bi-Carb or Saji Na Ful.
  5. 2 tsp Sugar or Sakkar.(Khand)
  6. Salt to Taste.(Namak or Mithu)

How to Cook or Cooking Methods. 

How to make Yeast Free Naan Bread Dough or Atta?
  1. Add all Maida or Plain Flour or All Purpose Flour in to one Mixing Bowl.
  2. In another Bowl add 2 tsp of Soda Bi-Carb or Saji Na Ful.
  3. In the Soda Add Lemon Juice of 2 Lemons and Mix it well.
  4. Now Add the Soda & Lemon Mixture to the Flour.
  5. Mix This very well.
  6. Now Add Salt & Sugar.
  7. Now add Milk and Make the Dough(see photo below).

Indian Naan Bread, Easy Naan Recipe, Yeast Free Naan
Naan Bread Dough without Yeast or Yeast Free Naan Dough
How To Cook Naan Bread Without Yeast?
  1. Make the Naan of any Shape you want.
  2. Heat a Tawa or Griddle with lid. 
  3. On The very Hot Tava or Griddle put the Naan.
  4. Cover with Lid and Cook it for 1 min and 30 sec each side.
  5. It should be cooked after 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. It will not have those Brown Spot as we Get In the Microwave or Tandoori Oven.
  7. It is the time to give it a Golden Touch.
  8. Put The Naan Bread on to the Open Flam and cook it 20/30 seconds each side.
  9. Now it is ready.
  10. Serve this Simple,Easy and Delicious looking curry with Indian Curry Recipes of your choice.
When To Cook This Recipe.
  1. You can cook this Yeast Free Naan Bread recipes for Lunch.
  2. You can cook this recipe of Indian Naan Bread without Yeast for Dinner. 
  3. You can cook this Yeast Less Naan Bread recipe for any Party or special occasion.

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Menu for Dinner.
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 Chef's Tips and Comments.
  1. Watch Video of this Recipe.
  2. Be careful while Making Dough add Milk as Per Waiting Period that you are going to give to the Dough.
  3. This is a very easy and Secret Recipe from Nikunj Vasoya's Secret Cooking Book on Indian Food.
  4. It Will be a Perfect Recipe for any Restaurant Menu and Need No Oven or Tandoor.
  5. Happy Cooking enjoy the simple and easy and Delicious Indian Bread recipes. 
  6. 100% pure vegetarian recipes/dishes of Indian Bread(Naan/Paratha/Rotis).  
  7. Beast collection of Exclusive Indian recipes/dishes with Step by Step Cooking Guide.
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  11. Happy Fooding. 

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