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How To Cook Naan Bread on Gas Stove-world's best recipe-Cooking Naan Without Oven

Making Indian Fluffy Bread Naan Without Microwave Oven or Tandoor Oven. 

How to Cook Naan Easily without Oven?

Naan without Tandoori/Microwave Oven
Cooking Naan on Gas or Without Oven

It is a must to find solution that we can cook Naan without Tandoori Oven or Microwave Oven at home. As a Chef I have worked a lot on Naan Bread as specially it's means a lot to the Indians, we love to eat naan on almost every weekends and some time we feel embarrassing when we are unable to serve Naan Bread to our guest at our home. In Indian there is very less use of microwave Oven so it's became very necessary to get proper solution and a very good alternative over the Tandoori or Microwave Oven to cook/bake/make perfect and Fluffy Naan Bread at home which is less expensive I thing this is the world's best solution and recipe for the Very Popular Indian Naan Bread.

Recipe of Naan Bread Without Microwave or Tandoori Oven.
Prep Time: 15 Minutes.
Waiting Period: Minimum 1 and Half Hour ( Chef Recommended 5-6 hrs)
Cooking Time: Approximately 2-3 minutes per Naan.
Servings: 4 to 5.

Ingredients/Spices or Seasonings for Naan Bread Without Oven.

  1. 500 Grams Plain Flour/Maida/All Purpose Flor.
  2. 450 ml Milk.
  3. 2 tsp Soda Bi-carb.
  4. 2  Lemons ( Juice).  
  5. 2 tsp Sugar.
  6. Salt to Taste.

How to Cook or Cooking Methods for Naan Bread Without Microwave Oven or cooking on the Gas Stove. 

How to make Dough or How to Prepare Dough For Naan Bread?
Bread dough/Naan Dough/Do Consistency
How to Make Best Indian Naan Bread Dough

  1. Put all the Maida/Plain Flour or All Purpose Flour in to the Big Bowl.
  2. Now Take Soda Bi-carb in another Bowl.
  3. Now add Lemon Juice into the Soda Bi-carb.
  4. It will started bubbling.( Bubbling Reaction).
  5. Now Add the Lemon and Soda Bi-carb Mixture to the Flour.
  6. Mix this very well.
  7. Now add milk and make very soft Dough and sticky dough as we make for the other bread dough.
  8. See the above photo of the Naan Dough for understanding.
  9. The photo of reaction when you add Lemon Juice to the Soda Bi-carb.
Ingredients for naan Bread
Photo: Lemon Juice+Soda Bi-carb reaction.

How To Bake Naan on Gas Stove or without Oven.
  1. Heat a pan ( with Lid). 
  2. Put the Naan Bread on to the very hot Tava or Griddle.
  3. Cook each side for one minute and Cover it with Lid.
  4. When you see the air bubble inside the Naan it's mean it is started coking.
  5. At one stage you will see you Naan Bread is cooked but it doesn't have the Brown spot as we get in the Tandoori or Microwave Oven.
  6. For these spot you have to cook Naan Bread on to the open Flam as shown in the Photo of Naan Bread below.
  7. Now You can see the Golden Brown spot on the Naan Bread photo below, it's means it is ready to serve.
Baking Naan on Gas
Cooking Naan Bread on open Gas Flam
When To Cook This Recipe.
  1. You can cook this recipes for Lunch.
  2. You can cook this recipes for Dinner. 
  3. You can cook this recipe for any Party.

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  4. Naan.(Indian Fluffy Bread Recipe).
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Menu for Dinner.
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 Chef's Tips and Comments.
  1. Watch Video of this Recipe.
  2. Be careful while cooking this recipe your Naan should not burnt.
  3. This is a very easy and Secret Recipe from Nikunj Vasoya's Secret Cooking Book on Indian Cuisine.
  4. It Will be a Perfect Recipe for any Restaurant Menu as it is very easy to cook and cheap alternative.
  5. Happy Cooking enjoy the simple and easy recipes of Indian Naan Breads. 
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