Monday, November 18, 2013

Paratha Video Recipes-Indian Food and Recipe Videos by Food on TV India

Video Recipe No:1. Maski Paratha ( Pan Fried Indian Flat Bread) is the new Paratha which is invented by Nikunj Vasoya in the year 2013. This Paratha is very unique in taste and perhaps one of the very best inventions of him amongst the other inventions.Maski Paratha The Name is basically derived from the very popular Indian saying " Maska Mar Ke" means to add little "extra" to any thing. This is the perfect and original recipe of paratha which is very easy to make and delicious in taste.Watch this video recipe of Maski Paratha (Pan Fried Indian Bread) for detailed recipe. This is the web exclusive Recipe of Paratha or Pan Fried Indian Flat Bread.

Video Recipe No:2. Cheese & Apple Paratha Bites is another invention of Nikunj Vasoya and one of the very good breakthrough amongst other. Nikunj Vasoya wanted to make a Paratha which has not just healthy but also have some modern Ingredients and Style of cooking and eating. Finally he decided to use the Apple Puree for the Dough Making and ultimately  it was become one of the healthy food invention because of Apple as a key ingredient. Watch video for the recipe and enjoy the very unique Paratha which is available only on Food on TV. This is the exclusive recipe on the internet.

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