Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Indian Street Food Videos-Videos 11 to 20

Indian Street Food Video-11

Indian Tea Maker In Jamnagar,Gujarat,India.Known as Maldhari Chai Wala

Street Food From Indian Video-12

Making Chapatis or Rotis at Sahyog Hotel Jamnagar-Rajkot Gujarat State Highway

Street Foods From India Video-13

Jalebi Indian Dessert Maker In Jamnagar,Gujarat,India named Jain Vijay Farsan Mart.

Street Food in India Video-14

Spicy Indian Breakfast Food Known as Puri-Bhajiya

Street Food From India Video-15

India's Most Popular and Very common Snack in India Known as Samosa.You can have
this Samosa In Breakfast or as a Starter or Appetizer.

Indian Street Food Video-16

This Indian street Food known as Dahi Bhalla or dahi Vada in Gujarat.Other Snacks are
known as Bhel,Pani Puri,and Coconut Sweet.

Street Food India Vide-17

A Street Food Wander in Gujarat, Indian making Puri.

Indian Street Food Video-18

Making Punjabi Curry

Street Food From Indian Video-19

A Street Food Wander Making Salty Peanuts or Kharising

Best Indian Street Food Video-20

Vada or Vada Pav.A most Popular Snack in India.Potato Dumplings.