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What is Clove and Its Uses? or What is Luong and its Uses?

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Meanings of Clove or Luong.


Cloves are the aromatic dried flowers of the Cloves Tree.Cloves is basically the flower of a tree which is very strong in flavor and in aroma.This is a very useful spice in most of the global cuisine and its uses are not just restricted to the cooking but Indian Ayurveda give it the prime important as a medicine.Cloves give us lots of health benefits. 

                 What are the uses or benefits of Clove or Luong? 


  1.  You can use Ground Clove or Luong in any Indian Curries.
  2. You can use Whole Clove in any Indian Lentils or Dal's.
  3. You can use Clove spice in many Starters or Appetizers.
  4. You can make Clove Tea.
  5. You can eat Clove as Mouth Freshner.
What are Forms of The Clove?

  1. Cloves Powder.
  2. Whole Cloves.
  3. Clove Flower.
  4. Clove Oil.
  5. It is a very important Medicine in Ayurveda.
  6. It can be useful to improve our digesting system.
Clove From English to Other Languages.
  1. In Hindi: Luong.
  2. In Italian: chiodi di garofano.
  3. In French: clous de girofle.
  4. In Latin: caryophyllis.
  5. In Portuguese:  dentes.
  6. In German: Gewürznelken.
  7. In Greek: γαρίφαλο.
  8. In Dutch: kruidnagel.  
  9. In Russian: гвоздика.
  10. In Marathi: पाकळ्या
  11. In Korean: 정향
Nutrition Values In Cloves or Luong.

    Parameters                                Values per 100 Grams.   
                                                  Dry Clove             Green Clove                                    
    Moisture                               25.200 gm              65.500 gm         
    Energy                                  286.000 Kcal          159.000 Kcal       
    Iron                                       11.700 gm               2.100 gm
    Protein                                   5.200 gm                2.300 gm         
    Phosphorus                           100.000 gm             40.000 gm                     
    Fat                                         8.900 gm                 5.900 gm



    Clove Farming and Clove Plant.    

    1. Indian is one of the major producer of the Cloves or Luong in the world.
    2. Clove Plant or Tree is a big tree with the lots of flowers which are the cloves when dried out.
    3. Height of Clove Tree: 8 to 10 Meters. 
    4. Cultivation: Dec,Jan, Feb.       
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