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What is Black Pepper and Its Uses? -What is Peppercorn?

Photo:Black Pepper or Black pepper Corn
Meaning of Black Pepper or Peppercorn or Kali Mirch.

Meaning of Black Pepper Corn or Black Peppers.
Black Pepper is a plant grown as a Climbers or Vine with the help of supporting trees.Black Pepper comes from its seeds which is dried and some time we use it as grounded or in powder form.

Forms and Names of The Black Peppers From English to Other Languages.

  1. Dried Black Pepper.
  2. Green Pepper.
  3. Pepper Corn.
  4. White pepper.
  5. Black Pepper Powder.
  6. Black Peppercorn.
  7. In Hindi: Kali Mirch.
  8. In Italian: Peperoni Nero.
  9. In French: Noir Peppers.
  10. In German: Schwarz Peppers.
  11. In Latin: nigrum piperis. 
  12. In Irish: Piobair Dubh.
  13. In Portuguese: preto Pimentas  

What are the uses of Black Pepper?

  1. Black pepper used in powder form or as a whole Black Pepper as a Spice and Seasonings in most of the worlds cuisines.
  2. Black Pepper is very important spice or seasoning in any Indian and Italian Cuisine.
  3. Its can be use in any Indian Curry.
  4. You can make Black Pepper Sauce.
  5. It can be uses to make Cheese.
  6. It is a very important Medicine in Ayurveda.
  7. It can be useful to improve our digesting system.
Nutrition Values in Black Peppers or Pepper Corn.

    Parameters                           Values per 100 Grams.                                       
    Moisture                               18.200 gm                       
    Energy                                  304.000 Kcal                 
    Iron                                       12.400 gm
    Protein                                  11.500 gm          
    Phosphorus                           282.000 gm                  
    Fat                                         6.800 gm                        


    Thiamine                               0.090 mg          
    Niacin                                    1.400 mg 

    Farming of Black Pepper and Black Pepper Plant.    

    1. Indian is one of the major producer of the Black Pepper or Peppercorn in the world.
    2. Black Pepper Plant is grown as Vine or Climber with the support of other supporting trees.
    3. Height of Vine: 4 to 10 Meters. 
    4. Cultivation: Jan, Feb..........Now, Dec.      



    Black Pepper Nutrition.
    Benefits of Black Pepper.
    Black Pepper Plant.
    Cracked Black Pepper.
    Black Pepper Benefits.
    Ground Black Pepper.
    Black Peppercorn. 

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